Expert College Admissions Guidance

Hello! đź‘‹ We're here to support you and your child in navigating the complex journey of college admissions. At SoundPath, led by our expert Dr. Christine Gangelhoff, we provide tailored guidance for music students. From selecting the right schools to preparing standout applications, we're dedicated to your child's success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Conservatory or University for Musical Training?
Both conservatories and universities offer excellent musical training. It's essential to choose a program that aligns with your aspirations. We're here to help you find the perfect fit.
Is a Music Degree Necessary for Production?
While not mandatory, a music degree can give you a competitive edge in music production. It enriches your skills and enhances your career prospects.
Common Audition Mistakes?
Overreaching with complex pieces is a common mistake. Perform pieces you're comfortable with to best showcase your talent. Let us assist in choosing your audition repertoire.
In-Person or Video Auditions?
Both have their advantages. In-person auditions offer a chance to experience the campus, while video auditions can be less stressful. Choose what suits you best.
Can Non-Music Majors Join Ensembles?
Absolutely! Colleges often welcome non-music majors in various ensembles. You might even qualify for scholarships based on your instrumental skills.
Should You Apply to More Schools with Video Auditions?
While video auditions save travel time, they still require effort. Balance your choices with a manageable number of applications to avoid being overwhelmed.
Are Auditions More Important Than Academics?
Auditions are crucial, but academics also play a significant role. Ensure you meet the university's academic standards for a well-rounded application.
Career Paths with a Music Degree?
Beyond teaching and orchestras, careers in arts administration, audio production, and more await. Consider minors or dual degrees to expand your opportunities.
Importance of Summer Music Activities?
Summer programs are excellent for skill development and networking. We guide you to activities that align with your interests, from private lessons to performance opportunities.