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Comprehensive Packages

All-in-One Platform

Choose from several packages covering the entire college search and application process, tailored to maximize a student’s candidacy and leverage their musical passion.

College List Creation
Determine the best-fit colleges based on student's academic and artistic profiles.
Application Assistance
Provide comprehensive support in the college application process.
Essay Coaching
Offer expert guidance on crafting compelling application essays.
Artistic Assessment
Evaluate artistic performance and potential for program suitability.
Audition Preparation
Assist in preparing for pre-screen video and in-person auditions.
Interview Practice
Conduct mock interviews and provide feedback for improvement.
Schedule Management
Help manage and organize the application schedule and deadlines.
Scholarship Guidance
Offer advice on securing scholarships and understanding financial aid.

"They offered fantastic advice! One of the first things they helped me do was organize all the information from different colleges so that I did not feel overwhelmed.”

High School Senior
Juilliard Music Advancement Program